Railroad Festival

Uiwang Railroad Festival

Exploring the World by Train- Uiwang Railroad Festival

The name of the Uiwang Children's Festival, held to celebrate Children's Day every year, was changed to the Uiwang Railroad Festival in 2015 following the designation of the Railroad Special District of Uiwang City in 2013. During the Uiwang Railroad Festival, people will be amazed at the sheer variety of tourism and lifestyle activities, and that is why it has established itself as a representative festival in the metropolitan area. Participants can experience a variety of railroad-related experiences such as taking a world trip by train, a railway model competition, railroad photography exhibition, KTX paper work, etc. A gorgeous fireworks display above the stage on the grass square, along with many different performances at night, will inspire the audience with dreams and hope, and will make the stage a fantastic festival field. In addition to this, fireworks will be launched around the Environment Education Park and Uiwang Bird Ecology Museum, where people can see and experience the living ecosystem, the Railroad Museum, where people can see and learn all about railroads, and Wangsong Lake, where several kinds of migratory birds visit. In particular, since rail bike riding on Wangsong Lake began, the number of visitors to the Uiwang Railroad Festival has increased dramatically, leading it to be a nationwide festival.

Uiwang Railroad Festival Uiwang Railroad Festival