Railroad Special District


  • Korean : 의왕 철도특구
  • English : The Special Railroad Zone of The Uiwang-City


Specially appointed and notified zone in Bugok-dong, Uiwang-City which the world grade integrated railroad facilities such as Korea Railroad Research Institute, Korea National University of Transportation, Railroad Museum, and Korail Human Resources Development Institute are located
Seek active growth of local economy by linking and fostering the railroad industry and ecology/tourism through regulatory reform and promotion of specialized projects according to the local characteristics

What is a Special Zone? It is a zone of specialized local development project by Small Business Administration, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy. It provides special regulations to discover differentiated special projects and develop them.

Location : Bugok-dong area, Uiwang-City (2.53㎢)

Project expenses : 229.6 billion won (National fund 11.2, local government 7.0, city 24.0, private sector 187.4)

Appointed/noticed date : September 06, 2013

Notice of Small Business Administration, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy No. 2013-38 (Appointment as specialized local development zone)

Regal base : Clause 9, 「Special regulation for specialized local development zone Act」